Opening of Yellow Wing

We are very excited to announce our new yellow wing was opened to residents on 27th August 2018, with the Official Opening to be held on 23rd November at 1:30pm, along with our AGM.

There are 7 rooms in this wing, six are an additional 21% larger in size (32.2sm compared to 25.5sm) to the current rooms in our facility. The rooms consist of two living spaces, one has a lounge area, private dining and a sink with a small kitchenette. it is divided by a nib wall that has television facilities on both sides and cabinetry below. The other room consists of the sleeping area, with a ceiling hoist that runs from the bed area to the en-suite. Inside the en-suite is a fully tiled facility with architecturally designed light fittings. These rooms are available to the care recipient as fully furnished for no additional cost if they wish.

 There are five main communal areas as part of the new extension built. One space of 90.7sm has been partitioned off into two sections with a nib wall. The wall itself is tiled, and has electric fireplaces on either side. One side of the space has been designed to be a community dining area with the other as a lounge area complete with an interactive, smart television with hearing aid enhancement capabilities. The communal area at the rear of the extension can be used for group activities and events. It too will have an interactive television placed in the space and has a kitchenette and bathroom facilities.

The fourth space is the centerpiece of the facility designed as a thoroughfare to the new extension. It is 23 meters in length and has a Vergola louvered system throughout the length of it. This space is fully landscaped in consultation with the care recipients, staff and Alzheimer's Australia and has built in bench space all along the courtyard. The final communal space is a smaller outdoor area facing the western border of the facility. it is an artificially grassed fully landscaped garden area, that has been designed for picnics for all care recipients and their families.

2018-08-21 17.12.29.jpg
2018-08-21 17.13.30.jpg
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