Application to grow facility

What a difference 12 months makes in most things in life. Our local aged care facilities are no exception to that rule. A year ago, PCAC's two facilities had a healthy occupancy rate and a manageable waiting list, meaning that if your family was in need of getting a room for a loved one this could be done within a reasonable time frame. Fast forward to now and there is one facility, same number of beds but a great deal more interest in having people move into the new 9 O'Connell Rd home.

It was always the Board's goal to apply for more bed licenses when the opportunity arose and in June this year, this application came up for the first time in a long while. The Management team worked hard to put together what we think is a solid application with sound reasons to be able to extend our number of beds here at Prom Country House from 60 to 80. Along with the bed license application is a grant for capital works which has also been applied for.

Given that we will not know the decision from the Department of Social Services until the New Year it will still be a while until these new rooms and extension is realised. In anticipation of this, in our application we have requested that we be able to use the currently vacant section of Banksia Lodge closest to Prom Country House as an interim step to address the waiting list issue that we are currently faced with.

As most of you that regularly read the newsletter or follow the local media would also be aware, we had spoken to our local federal member Russell Broadbent about this proposal and to Russell's credit he mentioned our situation and our proposal in Parliament House during question time in June. Through this newsletter we will keep the community posted in updates regarding this application and hopefully the success of it.