A thank you to our community service groups

It seems like an obvious thing to say that community organisations like ours wouldn't exist without the help of our community, but when you drill down into what that means, the essence of that statement is really quite profound. Late last month, we held a dinner to thank some of our major contributors to our building project: The Bendigo Bank, Foster Rotary, Fish Creek Jaycees and Toora Lions. These groups have provided us with a substantial chunk of the $1.2 million we raised through donations and fundraising for Prom Country House.

It was a very special evening for myself and the Board to share with the special people of these groups and to show them what their hard work has produced. When the 50+ guests toured the facility, we highlighted the state of the art kitchen, the three dining rooms, the family room, cinema room, three activities spaces, back-up power generator and sensory garden designed for our residents with dementia among other features. All produced and completed for a mere $4,000 over the projected construction budget of $11.707 million. But the highlight of the tour was when residents came out of their rooms, and of their own accord, invited these community volunteers into their rooms to show them around what they class as their home.
For these service groups and businesses, we realise that this is not a one-off project that they have decided they'll contribute to. This has been a relationship forged through their desire to provide for and strengthen their local community in what is an ongoing part of what they've been doing for years. This will be highlighted in our history book that will be launched on our official Prom Country House opening day on the 8th of May. The amount of work and financial assistance these groups and others have provided aged care in the Corner Inlet region throughout the years has been staggering. Highlighting some of these stories in print form really does bring home that our community does look after each other.