When can I visit?

There are no restrictions on visiting times, and visitors are welcome at any reasonable hour. Family and friends are encouraged to drop in as they please. To assist us in the management of any emergency should it occur, we ask that all visitors sign in and out of Prom Country House in the book available at reception.

May I order a lunch or make a cup of tea?

Meals can be ordered by 10:00 am each day for lunch or dinner with your relative for a small fee to cover PCAC’s food costs. Facilities to make a cup of tea or coffee are available in the dining rooms, sitting rooms and kitchenette areas.

Bringing food into our facilities

All food brought into our facilities by residents, families or friends must be logged into our external food register, labelled and dated, prior to being stored in any of the facilities’ refrigerators. Unlabelled, undated and / or unregistered foods will be removed and disposed of.

Where can I park my car?

There is car parking available at the front of Prom Country House. We ask that you park in the designated areas, and ensure your car is locked. The area at the front entrance is generally reserved for emergency vehicles but can be used as by families for picking up or dropping off residents.

How do I pay my bill?

Our Finance Office will send you an account each month. We would appreciate your prompt payment, direct to the address on the account.  We promote the use of Direct Debit where the amount can be directly taken from your account on a nominated date.  Please enquire at reception if you would like to arrange for Direct Debit.

Can I bring my pet in to visit?

You are welcome to bring a pet in from home to visit, however we do request that dogs are kept on a leash at all times.

Do you have a hairdresser?

There is a visiting hairdresser who comes to Prom Country House and appointments can be made at reception. For current charges please enquire at reception.

May I borrow a wheelchair or other equipment?

Our wheelchairs are for communal use, and cannot be permanently allocated to individual residents. However, you are welcome to borrow a wheelchair for outings so please discuss your plans with the Clinical Care Coordinator.